me: *likes someone*
me: *thinks i have a chance*
me: *remembers what i look like*
me: *cries*

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80 day weight loss challenge

12. What is your least favorite type of cardio?

Jumping rope! Idk why exactly, but it really wears me out and I just don’t enjoy it lol

I find it annoying and it really irks me when the rope gets caught on my foot 

I prefer jogging any day. 

30 day fitspo challenge

Day Nine - Do people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

Yes. More so when I was in High School though. I was at my heaviest in HS plus you’re surround by small-minded insensitive pricks, so I’m pretty glad I’m out of there. I got the “you’re pretty for a fat girl” comments all the time. Plus if my friends ever spoke about weight they would never include me in the convo like it was uncomfortable. In middle school gym I got the fat whispers all the time from a group of bitches in the class and the “looks” because I choose to change in the bathroom stalls. I don’t really get any mean comments anymore but I always have people (skinny) chime in when I speak about loosing weight with their “oh you look great now! You shouldn’t loose weight” like they deserve a cookie for thinking a over weight person shouldn’t want to loose weight. bitchezz man.

awesome bra

awesome bra

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